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              ~~ Ben Franklin

serving a prepaid membership of 43,000 enrollees at seven

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considerable experience recently stated it was a very

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all more serious, in outward seeming — the importunate

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junction ought to be the more imperative the younger

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t'Aeri^t^ 6t t\t OtMp!^ Spi^ b«i cuttsA tdbmeds ist tb^ Mirer

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give relief. The attack lasted about twenty-five min-

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abandoned to a class of ignorant barbers, bathers, and

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Case II. — Mrs. C. S., aged thirty-four years, seen March, 1879. Former

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The cow's botly could have contained scarcely more than GO pounds of

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be taught the danger of hand-contact, and the impor-

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and has, as regards general medical education, done well, can-

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only the gradual ascending character of the paralysis (Landry

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Ed Hersfield of the AM A legal staff basically conceded

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surfaces coming into contact over a larger area, and ro.ughened by lymph

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in 1877 the. United States Dispensary mentions its trial in

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tion; if there are violent convulsions as in strychnine poisoning use

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The humidity in the air is influenced by altitude.. The higher we

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In table third a list is given of the new preparations that have been in-

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ing Camps, Trans. College of Physicians, Philadelphia, 1919, 41, 149.

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begun during the first year. I beg to call part of 1-3 of the money which is thus be-

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coacervatio, et femiftagnatio fanguinis liet in ipiias partis fanguineis

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the following extract is adduced to support his views. " It

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bodies, or to forget the simple physical laws, accord-

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ditions, fx)rm the basis of various zoo-parasitic infections, and should

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further advise that the salt solution be dissipated by

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tensive cutting will be avoided, and the patient be

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lower air passages from the field of operation, before the

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that other means must be resorted to in order to second its effects ; as,

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slow ; 5th. When the tubercle is softened, the climate is

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On Thursday, May 2, the Intoxicating Liquors (Licensing) Bill

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2. The faradic irritability in both nerve and muscles

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deliver a systematic course of lectures on Pediatrics, and this

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Monatsbi. f. Augenh., Stuttg., 1895, xxxiii, 440-452.—

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may be used freely in their season, and fruits should not be

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