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              ~~ Ben Franklin

excision of the supposed foci of sensory hallucination s and maniacal
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observations of Gubler published shortly afterward were di
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the volume and a number of new illustrations have been added.
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to determined exertions. Havina finished his course at
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quired for the toxine to reach the susceptible cells. This varies espe
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since they are generally fat enough. According to their size they
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she may have done it will then be felt the strangest thing in
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of Croup is sufficiently extensive but besides the uncertainty M t
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that pictured in Fig. an artificial limb is necessary since the two stumps
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local brain irritation as the day progressed the stupor deepened. Food
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purpose. From negligence in removing and not replacing
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and she breathed freely for a few minutes when again
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and if dilatation is not complete he should complete it in
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way drying them in the air and fixing in per cent alcohol.
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holder of the fellowship one to be presented about the
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The standard solution is prepared by adding to. gm. of phenol
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to differ in matters of detail which the public cannot
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developing a place for contamination equal to that of a barn yard
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kept it up a good deal longer if we had continued to eat
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and of Doctor Edward Warren eminently a brilliant physician of inter
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almost fldways accompany pneumopericarditis suffidently account for
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riologically a number of cases but has not obtained Ligniere s bacillus
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direct relations with the semicircular canals is not to be questioned.
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very unusual in this region. Late in the autumn when intermittent
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the diseased parts. The regulation of the excretions.
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Lecturer on Anatomy Surgeon to Philadelphia Hospital etc.
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We trust the Committee will not allow this matter to rest
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bilizing the patient in cases of great thickness of the soft parts
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of morbid growths is not able under all circumstances at least
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arrest haemorrhagy to remove haemorrhoids Stc proceeds upon
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Council that the education of the student shall be thorough

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