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              ~~ Ben Franklin

only claim to have commenced very early to point out the inability
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On 12, 5 v°. in red crayon in an early XVIII. Cent, hand: Charles Chancy. Probably
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On 22, 2 [f. 165] is an astrological table surmounted with the same sign. The ink has
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thological lesions are a phantom, which has been long enough pur-
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bones, together with the external soft parts, were wanting, to the
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Of this and of the benefits of tannin when an over dose has been ad-
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it is of this, that "eastern professors" are charged with being igno-
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ment in therapeutics to advise for a given number of cases, taken
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hours a day in the dissecting room. Two specimens of his
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sarilv become careless and indifferent observers — loose and inac-
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• Comparison of pre- and post-program clinical outcomes, such as standards of care
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13. Unknown Author's Treatise on the Signs of the Zodiac:
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upon the inflammation itself; i. c. when it does not produce vomiting, or
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from collecting and collating the opinions and practices of others.
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9th day : Vomiting, pain, and tenderness continued ; tem-
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by inoculating horses with both dead and living cultures of
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pamphlet under review. The following passage from Sir W. Ellis, is
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the symptoms of pain and constipation, and to the paralysis^where
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thing we ever heard it was good for.' Mr. Bransby Cooper,
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fly-leaves (ii 2 .), ii, I. all but cut off, ii, 2. originally attached. The following are lost :
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on the night of Al Kadr 774 a.h. and Mahmud on 7th Safar 778 a.h.
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Description: Vellum, 6f X4f, ff. 151, originally ff. 152, well written in single cols,
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Ends (13, ii v°. col. b, lines 13-18): et imperat per omnia secula seculo I rum . amen. |
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doubtless what has been denominated Miliary Tubercules.
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ployment of the "kill or cure" means of the profession.
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and the head, feet or breach presents favorably, I give the secale
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subject, flooding always results from the inability or unwillingness
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T [blue and red illuminated initial with minute spread eagle in centre] Empore quo transierunt
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may be fixed, but again it may present so much mobility as
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phosphatic calculus, and washed his bladder, but his difficulty
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deal of confusion still exists upon the subject in the minds
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painful when inflamed. From some cases which have come under my
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were a novelty, that blisters on the sternum, are highly efficacious,
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hc^morrhage, would at once satisfy himself as to the source
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Collation : One modern buff paper fly-leaf (i 1 .), attached. Four original vellum
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saw, which offered an obstacle to the reduction of the fracture
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count of cathartics, we have a complete treatise on the Materia

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