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              ~~ Ben Franklin

were any lesions ever discovered in cadavers with typhoid char-
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l>eneflt" are specifically not entitled to gratuitous service, nor are
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most recent and thorough work of its kind available for the
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or the sense of touch. Its length, diameter, position and
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T.STV.I1T Jo« AlDhonse Los An- Stauffer, Wm. H., St. Louis.
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cell, and define the phenomena of life and death of
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when they appear in the course of its development, the as-
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toward the left side was so extreme and the abdominal
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compelled to limit myself to the treatment of a patient by
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is it ok to use albuterol inhaler while pregnant
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improved, so that the dangers from the source of im-
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liquid albuterol uses
in situ, with the aid of the x-rays, were made by me in
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the knife in making it should be inward and at the same
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sumption of a frontal tumor is justified. The psychic mani-
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intestine, or both. With one exception these histories
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septic, and what was a favorable condition is probably
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empty. The pylorus was thickened and firmer than natural
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larly applicable in cases of artificial anus, cholecystos-
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mucus that is free in the gastric cavity and found on
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is the diffusion of medical knowledge among its mem-
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bring forth the eruption, and with the eruption there is
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men in Germany and England, and were reported under
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specially marked in the infantile mortality ; the general
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of a statute which forbids the pronouncement of judgment
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there are 65 cases and at DaWson and Hume hi the central
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recovered after aspiration had yielded a hemorrhagic
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Case 178. — Operator, Wveth, 1802. Dorsal region ; duration, 4
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N«w Board of Health for Norristown. — On May 21, a new
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I have tried in the above to give a brief outiine of
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ble contributor to medical science and literature, and who has

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