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              ~~ Ben Franklin

could impair existing efforts to provide better health

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to maintain the intracellular lime attracting lipoproteins, etc. Lastly, it

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such as syphilis, cancer, heart disease, nephritis, arteriosclerosis,

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1902, p. 153." '(Preface to Jellett's Short Practice of Midwifery).

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has been demonstrated to occur as a result of simple rest combined with

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FIGURE 2. Correlation of EMG with all study parameters.

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syphilitic remedies seems to be unaltered, for there is no change

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164 New York State Journal of Medicine/January 1978

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The following were elected members of the Nominating Committee :

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the Council. He shall attend all meetings of the House

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other object than itself. It marks the earliest step. Also the

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each member of the Medical Society of the State of New

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add sand and leaf-mould, or light wood dirt, to any soil used for

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Since the dopamine pathway is presumably implicated in

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year old London prostitute, to whom DeQuincey paid a tribute that makes

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was a Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery, a Dip-

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and their relation to the world's economy, especially in disease." Surely

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connection. The rod should be continued to perpetual moist soil,

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"those absurd feelings of hurry and having no time . . . that breath -

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tures rather than upon any special pathological process.

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From a study of the analytical results obtained, it is con-

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to have its first meeting within the next several weeks, to

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County, at Canton, Nov. 29. J. B. Dougherty read a paper on "Early

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2 Von Jaksch, Die Vergiftungen, XothnageVs Spccicllc Pa-

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when pn. i. formed the abscess must be opened ud treated a.

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called "Away with the spray !" The germ theory was in the air,

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