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tute viruses, that is, in what consists their faculty of i)roducing each its
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no intelligent physician or layman. A testimonial carrying such prima facie
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charges were almost entirely of blood. In these hemorrhagic
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The most remarkable feature in the case just narrated was
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any eruption upon the face, neck, breast, or abdomen. There was
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cases of the latter affection approximates closely to acuteness, and, in fact,
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they are due to a peculiar morbid process ; also, whether the intestinal
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all3^, the term is used to signif3^ reduction of the quantitv of red globules.
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successively in different* members of the same fixmily — a large number of
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in Medicine, Surgery and Gynecology is a part of the regular
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b}" a layer of h- mph, and their borders are more abruptl}^ defined. They
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tion, the amount of substance being not greater, and perhaps less, than
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especially if the enlargement be by dilatation, the prognosis is unfavor-
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impart vigor to the heart by tonic remedies, together with nutritious diet
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Joseph Schnetter examined the ham, and found it filled with trichinae.
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They have heretofore been, and are still, to some extent, in European
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Associated with either endocarditis or pericarditis, or both, it adds, of
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of itself to accomplish duch a result. Dr. T. felt justified in attri-
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its albumen, it accumulates in the capillary vessels, and the increased
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there.' This view is conjectural. In the cases of hepatic abscess ob-
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carefully considered. Other tumors, from their situation are liable to be
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him to believe that the attempt to nourish the patient in this man-
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according to differences as regards the extent and severity of the local
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mainly in the treatment. More especially Graves, and afterward Stokes,
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direct observation by means of the ophthalmoscope. In a patient who
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Ursemia is a form of blood-poisoning, or toxfBinia^ entering largely into
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naturally vigorous constitution might finally triumph over his
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regurgitation. And of the two forms of enlargement, hjq^ertroph}^ and
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much liemorrhage, this symptom is a result of the loss of blood. There
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^75. 00. Third year $100.00. Fourth year free to those in
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bronchitis generally coexists, cough and expectoration are habituall3^ more
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attached to his place of residence ; relying on the notoriety he

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