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              ~~ Ben Franklin

and reinforced types even though the total amount of visual field was not

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on Practical Surgery and Teacher of Operative Surgery Middlesex

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render calculations as to the precise duration of pregnancy alto

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more favorable. The prognosis is in general not so unfavorable as was

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to the Brooklyn Medical Journal concerning the above

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in the boy the least changes either in his mental fac

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blood after the lapse of a few days. Similar though not

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piece thus lifted up so as to remove entirely a piece of

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some extending to the neck others to the axilla. It was decided

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increased in density while the upper portions are very clear. The

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of my recorded notes of cases in private practice which have

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cold baths and incredible as it may seem the true nature of the

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fought for. Indeed for many years Scotland had been as

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Tuberculous Hip Joint Disease and Its Treatment with

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never ulceration. The blood may be withdrawn from the peri

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theory as that of Filehne is refuted by the experiments

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Wyssokowitsch who filtered the fluid off from anthrax cultures and

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this subject and fully believe I have found the or

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mals an experimental tuberculosis by inhalation argued

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the disease as une mye lite cavitaire. The view that a morbid vascular

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apt to appear as a consequent of the primary fever where

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Contagious Diseases Weekly Statement. Report of cases

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painful condition of the other organ. One patient a wom

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described will take place. Not a single red or white corpuscle passes

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degeneration of the peripheral nerves. Fatty degeneration of mus lt

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several other practitioners including Drs Dumbreck Farquharson

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