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by some destructive lesion. If the patient is perfectly conscious and

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pathic dry chronic jyJeurisy), and this variety may either be a sequel

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edema. Its course is brief, and terminates either fatally in a few hours,

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as though the case Avere one of apoplexy. An important early step is

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standing cases albumin and tube-casts may be present in the urine.

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arises frequently in the course of broncho-pneumonia, but passes unno-

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treatment of organic heart-affections after rupture of compensation. The

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only during the pregnant state. Rosenheim contends that cardiospasm

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the shoulder-bones quite prominent On percussion the hepatic area of

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In children Lobstein's cancer (retroperitoneal sarcoma), if very large, is

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the stomach ; {g) fibrous bands, by binding the stomach to other organs,

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power of the system is reduced there can be little doubt. The circum-

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claws of certain animals. The temperature is subnormal, while the ex-

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be made to restore these patients to a life of comfort and useful-

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64 per cent. On exertion the cheeks and lips may become (|uite ruddy

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become the seat of erosion or rupture. After death the bronchial mucosa

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it is by numerous very satisfactory illustrations, a large proportion of

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jaundice albumin and tube-casts may be present, and the latter may

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toms above mentioned are conspicuous are easy of diagnosis. Hemor-

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regions. Thus it is commonly observed among Orientals, Dutchmen,

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known of this condition. Within the past two or three years Northrup,

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ployed ; the latter measure is also probably the most reliable in urgent

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true indication of fluid under the skin. There is also a doughy or putty-

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in one of the following forms: (a) Aneurysm. — Only 10 or 12 cases of

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curved and tortuous, with fine short transverse lines here and there at

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to a reduplication of the second, though rarely it is the first that is

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supervene in instances of this sort, yet not a few may be excited by a

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latter. Men are subject to nephrolithiasis more often than are women.

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material than did the earlier ones. It would be the supreme

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and pyo-pneumothorax are frequently employed to describe the same

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it is advisable, if possible, to examine the blood in all cases of acute

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the dry state of the membrane. Its usual seat of maximum pronunciation

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