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              ~~ Ben Franklin

of high infectivity and high virulence he gave the case of H. M. S.
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nal auditory canal. As many of the signals on railroads
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violent convulsions successively ; it was all but over. I laid
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vessels, to simply apply a gentle pressure or rubbing sufficient to distribute it
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water u})()n tlie lungs. It would squeeze the intestines as
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and by Lancereaux. Ulceration of the intestines, although rare, has
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being removed with forceps, proved to be the bullet. l*he iufiammation gra-
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diction in the matter and could not force medical attendance
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novel and useful feature of medical society work. It is endeavor-
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stimulation of the utcro-ovarian plexus. However this may be,
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1 Jochman u. IM oilers: Veroff. d. Koch-Stiftung., 1912, vol. iii.
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minds that there are many puzzling problems connected
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schools to add to their teaching forces in order to carry ad-
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for obese patients in whom it is undesirable to in-
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operative repair. In old fractures it would seem, how-
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took part in the menstrual process. His toneal cavity. These projections are so
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hospital will have a capacity of 100 beds and will contain laboratories for the staff and
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free of cotton-seed oil by rinsing with ether. This, of course, lowers the iodin
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burgdorferi in this country. 1415 1 neotomae feeds mainly on
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cytology slide— balanced “pink and blue’.’)
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casualties in a nuclear war until experience factors have been
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States Patent Office as a trademark for nearly every recognized
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These may be divided into predisposing and exciting. The only
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are about to be brought before us. In the first place, let me
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some difficulty in introducing the instrument, that this
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The next session will commence Oct. 15, and continue five months.
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material for my observations upward of four hundred operations which
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ridge of the mahir bone; tlic cornea, which presented aliealthy
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litis. 651; the propacnnda of anti-vaccination. 6SS:
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general pathology ; erythematous syphilis ; papulous and
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choice, without the dangt^r of punishment; but here with, "wisdom,
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there is a rushing and roaring in the ears ; the pulse becomes weak, or
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shelving edges. On the 4th of July, 1886, he caught a severe
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When a classification sergeant learned that I had an
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',* Gives a very complete account of the routine in a high-class Ame-
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umentary flaps were dissected up ; the femoral artery, which was exposed
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should add E. Rohde's Psyche: Seelenkult und Unsterblichkeitsglaube der Griechen
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right auricle; 6, the superior vena cava; and 7, the inferior vena cava,
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you can from the practice of rubbers and plasterers :
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internal surface of the calva, such as the groove for
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Derangement of digestion, or other indisposition, demands suitable
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been mistaken for syphilis, but there was seldom much
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Belladonna in Incontinence of Urine. (Gazette Medicale.) — M.

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