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Gay Lussac and PouiHet Esquirol and Guersent were teachers. Dr.

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induced to seek for aid elsewhere and be ready to listen to any

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addition inferior maxillary supplies motion to the muscles

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oil of carraway or oil of cinnamon in the proportion of a

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first longitudinal incisions. The deeper structures at the back

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new tacts and consequently new truths in the treatment of

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sphincters. It is not sacculated the arteries are the hem

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laborers in this field but mention of some of the few has

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tain a nitrogen equilibrium and a series of other investigations

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IMicroorganisms can be demonstrated in the body fluids by means

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terior gastro enterostomy was performed with a very large anastomotic

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of these patients at least became its sacrifice. The

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According to Destree and Gallemaerts the growth of tubercle

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Board of Education and the Local Government Board to recognised

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finally became excruciating. The persistent headache

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that of the abdomen by interrupted silk sutures one inch apart

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The man has gotten along very well since the operation.

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and sometimes a bloody fluid. Rarely they are gangrenous. Cavities

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oil of carraway or oil of cinnamon in the proportion of a

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