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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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inclined to suspect, that this difference may be in the man rather than
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ism only induced a local spread of the inflammatory area. The
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farmers, who had been frightened by the terrible pest.
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10. In a very great majority of cases, cysts of the jaws are curable by simple
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It is interesting to notice that the peoples of Southern Europe, such as
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marksman, increased the opposition to the passage of the pro-
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in our professional ancestors, strange conceits, fan-
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induced by the shock or collapse succeeding to a severe gunshot
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''Pediatrics" deals chiefly with the pathology and treatment
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were deposited as such from the blood. Virchow, on the
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duce the catheter for the first time, for who can say
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the spirit of the remarks so well, we think they will be profitable for others to read.
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a composite, the outline and the three coarse fibers being drawn from one prep-
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production of reticulocytes when material derived from about 500
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* with it twice or thrice in each twenty-four hours.
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transference are encountered, it is the most important of the
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ness is slight, one flap anchored mesially is enough. If two lateral
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occurred in the ordinary way, and the strain on the adhesions
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external, which brings about excitation. Prom the normal state of
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hair the question arises as to how the electricity de-
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stimulus, I yet think that exercise does produce such an eflEect
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and esteem of the best of his medical cotemporaries.

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