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              ~~ Ben Franklin

found in a secondary bubo. Rarely is a primary bubo found, but if the clin-

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those which prevail in the adult, and 1 have given illus-

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rence in March, which subsided by July. This patient died March 4, 1914, with-,

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left parietal bone, with considerable laceration of the brain.

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from its great sensitiveness, and to the female co-respondent in the act

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and thus produce all of its characteristic symptoms.

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Tip a body having the properties and characters of a peptone or an

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pressed. Generally it appears in a mild form, now and then it

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for it is better to take extreme precautions with a case that subsequently

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coI.2.1in.47.48. (/f^<r) fcieiatia in fcripturisfacrisquxvers fapientiĀ«e funt fon-

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of the strawberry as a spec'al dietetic treatment of

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question usually asked is "What is the organization doing?" The

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the disease. The use of lead cosmetics has frequently in-

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treatment was employed. One of these was unquestionably a case

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week earlier, Dr. M. D. Cooper and Dr. J. L. Mills, who

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Mr. Hedley, Chief Veterinary OfScer of the Irish De-

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history of yellow fever, as it presents itself in the Gulf States,

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B. Rush Jones of Montgomery, that Dr. Geo W. McDade investigated a

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daily stool just before bedtime instead of in the morning, so that

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showed lesions in the appendix and many other organs, while Rabbit 82,

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blood vessels, which is quite striking. A thick-walled vein is to be

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the horse commences on the forehead, parotid regions, base of the

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At this conference many important health promoting agencies were

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country. No teacher or professor of the school should ever be

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it could be seen in thick slide preparations of the blood, as such,

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blood give rise to it, as after typhoid, diphtheria, malaria

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It is seldom sporadic, except when it bears all the marks,

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able alteration in the sympathetic nervous system may cause no in-

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To maintain his equilibrium the better, he places the fore-legs

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valuable to that large portion of medical practitioners who have

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interesting hysteric craving much attention, the neurotic with a

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base, yet the plant as a whole may be spoken of as strictly erect

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nportance was not appreciated initially. Cases 2, 3, and 4

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