Spironolactone Liver Damage

              ~~ Ben Franklin

ment of acute articular rheumatism. Their number is legion, but only a few

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took place, not only as to the number of cases, but as to the

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cow. Notice that while 233 high-grade bulls were sold, only 6 cows

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laws of the hospital, as he was elected before they

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Dr. Mayne says that he announced himself as the au-

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62) the satisfactory use of this acid in the treatment of blepharitis

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Had this patient applied for medical aid immediately after the

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membrane are invariably secondary. If, say they, a horse has

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Deaths ix Boston for the week ending Satm-daj' noon, March 28th, 79. INIale?, 42 — Fe-

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quickly clears nasal passages • avoids rebound engorgement and

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of breathing mercurial fumes is seen in the poisoning of artisans

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ago was taken with pain in left side, which was increased by full in-

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Officer of the .South DiWsion of the Liverpool Police, vice T. R. Bickerton,

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societies, so that frequently a greater number of the

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in whose ranks he is proposing to enrol himself. Let me

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Case XIL* — Chronic Meningo-Cercbritis — Sudden Convulsions — Hemi-

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for whoopingHSOugh. As is well known, the spasmodic attacks of this complaiot

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Case 1. — Splenectomy for pernicious anemia, — The first patient studied,

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Every word uttered by himself, he said, was mockingly repeated by this

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the pigs to a warm place after they have sucked, to prevent chilling.

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decreased, would supply what was wanting in the argument. All this is

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for the one occurs at the instant that the ventricle hardens in

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number, aJid who can. say or beUeve that the £^3t one of

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failed to cause a rise in the abdominal pressure, since the paralysis of the abdom-

spironolactone liver damage

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S, = 19.0 sq. cm., / = 0.0570, (3 = 1.26, /3' = 1.39.

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runs a very chronic course, the relapses also being chronic and not

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found, one a small one, and the other several sizes larger. As the ball could

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was greater difficulty, too, in the after care of a case of

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tissues or the composition of the fluids, and which exhibit forcibly

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Committee : — 1. The jNfode of Propagation of Cho-

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whom are fully set forth in section 3, sub-sections 10 and 11.

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nerves, and also the spine, will sometimes prove very

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