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              ~~ Ben Franklin

during the same period. Anatomically they arrange them-
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inlet for the eiglity people engaged in tlie room, and can
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who proposes that medical officers should be employed indis-
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corpuscles or the hajuioglobin are increased by the
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100 cases among the vaccinated portion of the community on
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Par Dr. 11. Picard. Paris : J. B. BailliOre et Fils. 1892. o francs.
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Our correspondent teOs us he lives iu one place, where he carries on
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which were taken from tuberculous cases, in twelve tubercu-
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as to causation. Just as the earlier opening of the abdomen
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it is almostimpossible to diflferentiate between the mechanical
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most instructive, case happens to be one of the last dealt with
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onbotli hands and anus. The diameter of the pupil on the right side
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I venture to think this would in many cases lead to trouble,
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certificate, then the ease should be reported to the coroner.
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which appointment is made by the Crown, may be oft'ered to
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The Health Officer's Pocket Book. A Guide to Sanitary
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PaSitd ill KUmi:niarii Avatonnj onhj. — 'M. O. Alabone, Guv's Ho-pital ; A.
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but sufficient account of the claims which Margate possesses
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that the attention of the Local Government should be called
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London; Mr. K. Macleod, London; Mr. J. May, De\onport; Mr. F. C.
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and nurse-training institutions, but the support of creches
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bladder can be sutured either to the duodenum or to the
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a twelve months' notice, notvvithstanding there having been no written
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Scalpel.— Irrespective of Dr. II. having, as alleged, contravened the
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heart failure was so frequent a cause of death. Alcohol was
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the custom -Mr H. Fowler: The Local Government Boaid are crn-
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vation of the arms. Macewen points out "that the direct-
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pulsory, the cost of treating uuvuccinatcd persons, and of maintaining
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" Another, for removing the WHITE-GR0^vTH in the eyes. (Albugo
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dence of hydrocephalus, and the child presented no other
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endeavouring to collect the necessary funds that he wished to
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T. R. Street (of London Roa(J, Reading), who, however, prefers to use
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appointment. As far as my knowledge goes, attempts of thei
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witli Dr. Pavy, who saw him several times afterwards. The sugar again
is atenolol a timed-release drug
embryo and its appearance in the blood stream as a free,
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been to take first those cases in which the exposure to the
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take to much atenolol
what is atenolol used for
withdrawing atenolol
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the hypochondrium that after enucleation of the tumour he

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