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              ~~ Ben Franklin

be tried and were referred to me. I informed them of Horsley's first
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phuric and to some extent with glycuronic acid, and in small part as
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"Tables of Weights of School Children," Report of State Board of Health, Massachusetts,
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worms acted as carriers of spores. He placed a num-
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they are present in fair numbers, and can be demonstrated quite
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by absorption. He relies solely upon hydrozone, which is as bland as water, yet
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to accompliih for the mod part in this difeafe ; and
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their utility to the public ; they must direct their energies
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peristalsis, are stopped at the obstructed point. Here they gi-adually
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later it will be found that some rapid degenerative change in the highest
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The instruction is designed to meet the needs of a well-trained general practitioner. The purely
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of the New York Academy of Medicine; Member of the New
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cess; considering, that to cure effectually an ulceration
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George William Bartelmez, Ph.D., Professor of Anatomy.
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a complete color-blindness to the true merits of the
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of the respirations was noted in cases reported by Upham. Stertor is
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get "cured" by any and every new thing that strikes
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" The nausea and vomiting which the patient had Friday morning
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In Germany, 55 per cent, of medical practitioners have supplied
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of either diphtheria or scarlet fever. Many of the cultures, altliough said to he

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