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              ~~ Ben Franklin

been adversely affected by the confidential nature of much of

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The most common causes being those related to the nourish-

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probably a factor of much importance, even in occupational poisoning.

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the patient's pulse and the use of continuing or modifying the

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tion. This view of the causation is inconsistent with t£e fact that great

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batted by the remedies ordinarily made use of in the vari-

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fluids and gases there canjj(^jo 4g^[^4^t^[ie general

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ducing compounds, and that they are formed in different ratios by

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to this part by walking and going down stairs could be the

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scheme for curing cretinism is called a '^ noble dream.'' The

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The anterior surface of the knee showed a running 6stula. Along the inner side of the

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may inilulge in blunders of ptditical eco- of the land as any member of either of

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truding, soldier evidently having been exposed to ricochet tirint>-.

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only 3 more persons go over to the rapidlj' increasing minor-

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a portion of which time the patient did some of his farm

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his wards. We are much indebted to Dr. Otto Folin for advice in the inter-

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greater vulnerability of the lungs, in which a second auto-infection is

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George R. Barry, of Monroe (in light suit), as moderator. The resource person,

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the albumuniteof mercury, which formed a capsule around

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contraction. When chronic pneumonia is associated with dironic

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inS cool weather by going into the hills when the plains are veiy

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action of any accidentally operating cause that might produce nephritis,

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which the results of this treatment have been unsatisfac-

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It has been suggested that a special danger is incurred

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surface of the mucosa, and on incising tUeni they may be observed to

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necessary, now, it is seldom required. If one wishes

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as follows : (i,) Many cases of albuminuria in young people (5 per

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