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              ~~ Ben Franklin

prepare food for assimilation. Food should be eaten slowl}^ Deliberate

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always end fatally. I have met with several examples.

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the attention of the intelligent and reflecting. It is, perhaps,


eight or nine cheeses from the same lot, without hearing any


promptness of the effect of opiates, and the uncertaint}^ attending their ad-


has been studied, as it occurs in the northern part of this countrj', by Dr.


fluence of tlie disease on the mind is to induce either an expectation of


We earnestly recommend its trial to all the profession, believing it

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expired breath, called the pulmonary transpiration, contains other excre-

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after death. It appears, however, to have been ascertained that, at least

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to excite and aid the efforts of nature in restoring the circulation, together


toms, it is true, are seldom so prominent as in pneumonia, and

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Asphyxia, Emphysema, Pulmonary, Nervous Afltections,

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pressure due to the presence of intestinal gas are diagnostic points.

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(as set forth in the circular accompanying it) to be at H. Tuholske, M. D., Professor Clinical Surgery and Surgical

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and contusion of the parts during her agony. She was en-

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ysms, but bronchitis exists often enough without asthma ; and cases occur

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advances in this department of science, constitute the truly great attractions of this book.—

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quite a similar composition, only the cells, which were also with-


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gress of this work, to remark that the pathologist may expect to be

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with active substances of the very best quality, and chiefly

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Instances hnve repeatedly occurred of i)atients dying with strangulated

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Ovarian Neuralgia, etc., all yield to its beneficial influence.

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ph3^seraa is not only accompanied, but i)receded, by bronchitis. It can

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cised in its administration, still confronts us, and cannot but

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