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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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a temperature of 215° Fahr., and the vapors condensed in a
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Moreover, the aphorism of Hippocrates, on which the whole
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showed marked and persisting remission without being able, however,
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bit is inoculated several times intravenously with the
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"at a net profit of about $60,000 per annum. The city
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be present, the precipitate is black oxide of copper, llhe fermentation
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race. The contagiousness of tuberculosis must depend upon
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side on which the painful eye was situated, when the
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XXII. The Influence of Lactic Acid as Found in Whey Obtained
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servers agree in stating that muscles retain for a much longer
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causes, nature, lesions, and symptoms, there can be no certain
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Peters. G. A.; Parry, W. T.; Russell, D. G.; Ruther
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of such strength as to prevent them from exciting such an irritation as to oblige
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symptoms is not directly dependent u[)on the amount of
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I need not detail the mode in which the fourth position changes to the
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found ametropic or heterophoric, and since wearing their correction a
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diseased — or, at least, diseased to that extent as to incapaci-
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bility in the system to the action of others — in such cases (associated with
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should be used ; in old chronic cases, in which secre-
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as that of Treves, but it treats of about all the important and
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character of their pasturage and food is carefully super-
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draught is established with the Eustachian tube when-
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thorax and ascites. Disturbance of the stomach and bowels is often
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ject. It is prefaced by the following characteristic let-
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were made every ten minutes, while in the others, at .fifteen-minute intervals,
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more resistance to the "occurrence of a local infective
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to the test, all failed to give a primary ophthalmo reaction. How-
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tion, including the construction of the furnace, retort, etc., cost about sixteen
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gen; but it appears in some of the cases that the katabolism of proteins
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trose, fat amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.
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the water to the powdered gum in a large mixture mor-
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first aff'ecting the sclerotica, and spreading over tho bodj- irj
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given, was noted in five cases only. In one case the
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much lameness. Swelling, sensitiveness, and lameness in-
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the two outlets, they preferre<l the rectum to the vagina.
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as near aa possible to the ailing edge ; then, with a pair of pincers, catch hold of
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bed only by breaking up certain connecting fibres. On laying
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Craig, Thomas C, Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from
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the wife of a reputable (supposed) physician collar a boy with a dirty rag

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