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at Kirksville is a reputable school of osteopathy ; but whether it is a rep-
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by Norah B. Roberts, pp. 13-14 ; Report of Departmental Committee on
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JOHN J SATORY, MD, 1404 Main St, LaCrosse 54601 (Feb
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previously made. Alveolar air samples w^ere taken at corresponding
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A hjpocoondriac merchant, while sawing wood, is always busy with
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St.vtistics of Opekation's for SroNE. — .\t a recent
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the careful estimation as to the degree of engagement
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for further clinical observations before a definite de-
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essays to be sent in on or before Christmas-day next
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the inferences which attribute the origin of tabes to purely local lesions,
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will not readily co-operate in regulating the conditions
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weight during his absence. lie was now passing from ten to
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hematoma itself The descending branch of the left coro-
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the area of dulness due to the heart may be diminished, notwithstanding
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from 70 to 80 centimeters in length, the author proceeds as follows :
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introduced into an appropriate sterilized medium, and the
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obliteration of the cavity during postoperative treatment. The indication
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menting upon the Harvard requirements, he says that if
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the temperatm-e not reach 40° C. (104.0° F.) at any time, or should
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after overuse of the eyes, as a consequence of functional hyperemia. Pronounced
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treatment excluded. Of these, 50 per cent, of the scle-
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The Cleveland Medical Society on March 29 held one of its
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pour opferer k ciel ouvert sur I'iris et la capsule du cristal-
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white than the outer edge of the bone ; it is from one half to three
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at Leipsic ; soon after, another was opened at Bath, in
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at the Wexford Infirmary, Avhere the pressure had been kept up, move or less,
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Now, before entering into a discussion of the thera-
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the last issue of the Journal of the American Medical Associa-
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irritation or infective properties of the inflammatory products.
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anterior wall of the uterus, passes the first suture immedi-
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parts of the country and the recognition of this pe-
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including the Chapel and Convent at Charing Cross (" Caringrasso '") of the
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oedema of the lung, and the interesting question arises
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separately to permit wedge excisional biopsy or even
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of meningitis, followed rapidly by death." ^ Supposing the concluding
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inciting epileptiform convulsions ; of the muscular walls of the bronchial
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the location of the disease is frequently placed at easy command and
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or is not deriving advantages from corporate rights, if he be clear-
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charts giving in Section VI ; and the perusal of these
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given me while a student of medicine, that is, to treat patient, not dis-
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hypertrophy of that organ ; finally the polyphagia and
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cyst were readily turned out, and proved to be cancerous. A
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ace of carrying their point. To those not in the secret this
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cholaemia, and softening of the liver from the distension of the bile-ducts.
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bowels are only moved while the patient is lying down over a
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tissue of the intestinal wall and has a great tendency to involve extensive
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