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              ~~ Ben Franklin

36 years. Postradiation osteogenic sarcomas developed in
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now in the enjoyment ofhealth and reason, and able to labour sufficient
Handwritins'. standard card — und<?r oxygen banger. 22.000 ft.
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The result was considerable relief for several weeks, when
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constipation; and rarely abdominal distress, anorexia, diarrhe|i
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catarrhal inflammation of the frontal sinus and antrum — why should
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oomplications. Children inclined to convulsions not unfrt^uently have
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ground on one side, and is movable and suspended in a
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tions rf' Urine par le Relricissement de I' Urethre,
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tives in greater or less quantity and degree of solubilitj^ In some the
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recover, provided the insurance had been effected bond fide on behalf of the
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In concluding his paper. Dr. Harley says : " I would not, however, that any
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or be covered with red curtains, and the same care must be
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On the other hand, in this fluctuation of pathogenicity the cultures
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quiescence. The coi^unctivsB are mostly congested, oBdematous, and glistan-
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abundant. No tenderness on pressure in the uterine region ; renal

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