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              ~~ Ben Franklin

nuclear leucocytes can usually be distinguished from lymphocytes
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of it. It is a bore and a nuisance. We try to banish it. But still it
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identical with those of erythema. Hence no scarring results, except
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geon to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Children, Late Assistant Surgeon, Edin-
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corresponds to the pityriasis nigra of Willan. The grave disorder
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stated that the colour of the sweat changed while the patient was
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1. Kaposi. Hautkrankheiten, 4th ed. 1893, p. 180. — 2. Idem. Maladies de
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the lips thick and slightly apart, and the ears large but not malformed.
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Editor and other contributors, appear here for the first time.
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aged eight, under treatment by Mr. Watson Cheyne for spinal caries at
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begins as before ; but as he is playing on the word " ring," a sound strikes
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be a " monoplegia " — paralysis of one limb, or part of it. This but
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described can hardly be carried out satisfactorily at a patient's own home ;
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when both affections returned again. It is well established that psoriasis
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which is generally studded on the surface with numerous warty pro-
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and the meshes surrounding the optic commissure and Sylvian fissure are
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