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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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sion that the axis cylinder is composed of disks superimposed and isolated by a substance
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cells present. Their comparative values is well shown in the accompany-
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ference a mere farce. They have probably supposed that there did
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rounding the cylinder was a double rubber jacket with a
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actions of the British Pharmaceutical Conference. Annually. 8vo, 10s.
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1895-6, xi, 509-514. — Itl«'«lical exaniiuins board of Vir-
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grains of morphia daily, who has lost four successive
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rotic eruption, generally erythematous or urticarial in char-
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lights. High-traction surfaces should be used when roads
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guishing different cases of amaurosis according as the retina,
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liquid, or the evacuations may contain clots in more or less abundance.
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Prognosis. — Depends on the severity. Mild cases recover
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they are rapid in their action, and everywhere easily procured. I may
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ance of chronic hemophilic joints. In Case 1 there had been no acute joint
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cessful, the emetic may be repeated at intervals of six hours as long as the
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said it." Pythagoras possessed immense knowledge; he
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brane covered with columnar ciliated epithelia, and very
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severe are the attacks, and the more likely to leave the breath-
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The New York Hospital Training School for Nurses. —
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constitution isdistinguished, as drawn by the free, bold, and vigorous hand of Bur
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blood-clot and a few shreds. In October, November, and December the same
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for microorganisms, especially during the warm months, it
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wounds thirty died, and that operative interference was only resorted
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be used in the septic uterus (after removing placental or

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