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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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to have no effect and does not seem to influence the

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appeared again when the areas originally anaesthetic

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following cerebral myelitic or peripheral nerve disease.

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the Danube to the Euphrates he had never seen a gouty Turk

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transferred to the care of the recently founded Carneg e

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cavities of the body and later on beneath the skin.

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tion on the Gulf of Mexico for the following practi

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would not hurt the feehngs of any reader I think it best

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fever amp poisons of unknown origin as in acute yellow atrophy and in

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on the back. An arrow should indicate the top of the

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On examining well the character of fever the observer

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Arbor died from cardlao diaeaae while driving to Ue

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stony hardness. Under the microscope the appearances were

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G. H.j a countryman had been for several years unable un

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removino the local affection althouo h he leaves behind it

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generation of the heart in a persistent consumer of alcohol

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and gestation has continued while on the other hand

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the clinical symptoms of caries and acute inflammatory

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The occasional use of the muzzle is indispensable to foul

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fection are insects. Stinging insects transmit the germ

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and Arrangements chosen by him and upon which the major part

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alcohol use. Valid sensitive and specific alcohol screen

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thermometer marks a fever of F. may suffer agonizing pain

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gestion of alcohol. The participant who weighed the most in these

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Thomas except of course the transverse bar is wanting. A

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adapted to the climate of the British Islands or the

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ficial. Large sinapisms and poultices may be applied

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former had been relatively less pressed upon. Of course the posi

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ing off while the derma is hard compact woodenj and

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occurring there thus unduly increasing the recorded cancer mortality of

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from it not very wide. For instance in a multipara when

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glonoin were given together and used freely until some

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the attack of fibrillation indicate that there was present in the ven

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dition until it dried up. Urine similarly treated did

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In addition to these disorders originating in the deeper

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from a sudden discharge of a small quantity of grumous matter through the

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milder forms there is little constitutional disturbance and

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was quite an extensive growth in the axilla consisting

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good results in prescribing where I have done so on one

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