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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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was made The amount of phagocytosis in the smears from the

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pith and nucleus the soul and center that is to say

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Urinary Calculus Gout Rheumatism Bright s Disease Diabetes Cystitis Hema

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men for the public service. This fact acquires increased importance

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general condition and in local lesion. During the night of January

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Happily there are a number of such agents from which the phy

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As traumatic tetanus usually terminates fatally the following

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result then tenotomy was done and the foot dressed with

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A proper head dress is absolutely necessary this should be hght

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a porcelain dish which has been rinsed with cold water allow it to

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tractures and no scoliosis. The grasp of the hands is strong

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child becomes listless and even stupid and loses its appetite.

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alphabetically arranged with brief explanatory remarks. Quarto.

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rule went into effect two young men without certificates came

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education and protect the public against the evils of

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difliculty in distinguishing it from incipient cataract but the opacity

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An infant born at full term and apparently normal at birth begins

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asking for cases and this ease was referred to him.

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The Memorial of the undersigned legally qualified and

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It was claimed that if hip disease recovered thus there

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fluid they retain more nearly their natural color and

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long after the hydrochloric acid is eliminated. A sec

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the persons who recommend paupers for poor law relief

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ing a remittent or terminating in a congestive attack or

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trol its nutrition by the administration of adrenal extracts Addison s

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may appear. The spleen is very rarely enlarged. As in many other

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argued that the cause of fever was the absorption of the proteins of

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