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practice. His services among the sick will be grate
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been recognized. Physiologically water plays an important role
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h ft iemoral region resembling au omental hernia. Guy s
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tion. In chloroform poisoning and in acute yellow atrophy the changes
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preferable in these cases and after that there was often
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The clumps Btained by hematoxylin and eosin are Btrongly eosinophilic
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occurs in true anaphylaxis by no means justifies the conclusion that
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nerve centers in any part of the body What does the Osteopath mean
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ejected from a pipe at an angle of degrees thus preventing lip
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removing the cause of the inflammation we may advan
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may lead to inordinate length of the upper front teeth
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lbs. Pepper calls particular attention to the sudden onset quite like acute
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M. Blot entirely agi eed with the reporter. He thinks that
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tions were determined after days incubation at degrees C.
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error in the reading. The best clearing agent is that previously mentioned
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found by exposing the microbes to a certain temperature
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new activity and that I considered the discovery of means which would
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by merely having recourse to it for the simple production of ply
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who found that while enormous gelatinous capsules are developed in
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ponent county medical societies to an amount not to
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be present the muscles of the gluteal region are hard and swollen
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deep muscles does not affect important nerves as it may very readily do.
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that the removal of the local applications accelerated this
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throat could not be seen. Emetics were given and the man threw
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School he devoted himself on his return to the study of
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brown in colour and contains very numerous nerve cells which
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In the spastic type it is often necessary to resort to tenotomy of
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length. It will be noted that this period is too late
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Ogata sulphurous acid may be transformed in the body into sul
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exposure to cold and wet in two repeated cold bathing in one
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on awaking from that which has been sound and refreshing.
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tion should be made with several turns of the bandage and not with
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Diagnosis on transfer slip Gunshot wound right thigh with fracture femur. Bul
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amination the muscular tvvitchings about the face deepened
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ing is performed by the Connecticut Training School for
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for this and they will be attended with some little trouble

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