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and this explains the fact that many physicians cure almost every
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an involvement of both the vermis and an entire hemisphere. In the
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much leaving it to physical methods when so demanded by
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three weeks and which was accompanied by much pain and
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The only serious results that have followed the use of this
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apparently making it analogous to the Ding an Sich
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malarial hepatic tumor. The macroscopical charactei s are the tbllow
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found marked redness and swelling of the perineal region
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From these experiments the author concludes that there is an
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Vaso motor disturbances areas of complete anaesthesia
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whereby it may have been considered to have been accom
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extremity of the foetal ovoid. The knee was readily seized and
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from the surface of the growth but no ulceration. Any interference with the
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region was considerably relieved by lie exhibition of a terebinthinate followed by an
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and may remain so for several days. They occasionally suppurate.
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divides in the popliteal region into its terminal branches.
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reading matter as the above. And yet one is obliged at the
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These facts are to me very suggestive and militate seriously
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I shall give no more details but refer to the accom
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Large doses are certainly dangerous. It is to be remembered that pilocar
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gonorrhoea with an incubation of two and a half days the patient
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of beriberi came to rest for the first time on a scientific basis.
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Qeneral Tuberculosis of Serous Membranes. The process may be
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there is a form of paralytic dementia which is cha
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tionless the ary epiglottic folds and arytenoid cartilages M ere swollen
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a careful series of experiments to determine how much pressure
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results of an e.xamination of the children in the Illinois
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laries is apparently independent of the blood pressure
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weighing over two pounds. It is not surprising that these patients died.
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tinct effect in several cases follow hypodermics of thirty
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died. These latter experiments if they were sufficiently controlled
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publishing for the information of the readers of the
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would lie against the spouse thus physically incapacitated
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what increased movement is easily made. The criticism of
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both locally and generally perfectly innocuous and in the most
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are generally observed and following very closely or accompan
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allowed to remain long in contast with the mucous membrane
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the whole canal. In this instance with the hand in the

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