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              ~~ Ben Franklin

and practises it on every occasion. What an immense vogue
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therite ou inflammation pelliculaire, connue sous le nom de croup, d'an-
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Gummatous — cellulitis simulating malignant growth,
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palms ; but perhaps Dr. Waller would not wish that to be imported into his
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Whitcomb Eliphalet Pratt, M.I>., College of Physicians
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is very profuse the dressing may be changed more often. Extreme and persistent
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Then the benzol was increased to 300 drops a day until December 27,
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ed by no pibroch, accompanied by no banners, saluted
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because it includes some cases of chronic nephritis which showed a
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The author tells us, "the risks to the mental func-
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of suitable compensation during a stage of active growth.
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forceps and cesarean section have each a legitimate place in obstetric
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and hypotheses will, perchance, at first sight seem very hard to be
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notable quantity of organic matter, which is deposited during the evaporation.
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neutralizing the effect of the operation. He had been
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The view of the relations between body and mind, their varied con-
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and there is no evidence that HIV-seropositive patients with
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of which the principal pathological feature is inflam-
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Medical and Surgical Journal. For every complete copy of this volume,
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by personal example and precept, teach the people that
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tor's name — used to live over here (towards Monroe street), now
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W. Butler, M.D. Philadelphia: Office of the Medical and Surgical Keporter.
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The mucous lining of the small intestine is thrown into numerous
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lymphocytes resulting from cancer inoculation in cancer-immune
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analgesia was not so uniform or lasting when eucaine
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carbon dioxide pressure on Pike's Peak there occurs a rise in the
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fore sinks; and (7) the total disinfectant powers of the gas are

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