Chloramphenicol Concentration

              ~~ Ben Franklin

although a wide search or exceptional opportunity may yield

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not consider those works perfect ; but the authoritative spirit of

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doubles the necessary time interval, for the urease to act.


1883.] Removal of Broken Catheters from the Bladder. 7 7

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hydroa, eczema, pompholyx, sycosis, ecthyma, furunculi herpetiginosa.'

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c. The "extinction coefficient/ 9 E, is the optical density of solu-

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is very feeble; and, finally, there is arrest of heart-beat, tetanic

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cases on the bile-pigment metabohsm to indicate whether there

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outlook in this direction is not very hopeful, since this serum contains no

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etc.) by the presence of spots on the wings, these spots being

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but carefully the processes, causes, effects, and concomitants of disease.

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has been long accused of causing typhoid epidemics. Since, however, the

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central nervous system, but as the neurologic findings might

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but little occasion for alarm. — New York Medical Times.

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are mistaken for pernicious anemia as well as for other condi-

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c. By either method, a positive test is an indication of the ac-

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Sept. 16. About the same ; keeps thinking of food ali the

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tends far beyond any limits its discoverer can foresee ; and that

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develop color in light.) After addition of the naphthyl-

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running glance at the various causes and phases of this trouble,

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length, the diplococci in pairs, the tetracocci in fours, the sarcinse in

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The mammary glands enlarge perceptibly in the third month,

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in an albuminous solution, there appears, as shown by Sidney Martin, a

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His remarks upon hygienic and dietetic treatment, offered in

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In convalescence the patient should wear woollen clothing day and

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(2) When the unknown solution is prepared by filtration or

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four hours in mild cases, but more frequently in severe ones. Saturated

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cabinet is fitted with a pan or tray, about 10 cm deep, to

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although it does not produce gas in dextrose. Evidence for the

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plexion is usually clear, and a pink, hectic-looking flush may be noticed on

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battling in this way for months and years, has at last to admit as

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many organisms, either by virtue of their own natural resistance or by

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glands attacked, but are not accompanied by much increase

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A treatment for Paraphimosis.— M. R. O'Connor, M. D., writes to the British

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There is a distinction to be drawn between remedies and ap-

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