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anguor or depression with restlessness and sometimes ringing in the

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cases they remained uninfluenced. In this respect no

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in connection with a newspaper necessitat with cerebrospinal fluid. To these the

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became involved. These phenomena were familiar to every

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turned over to the State Dairy Commissioner and by him to

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of the reflex action may originate in the stimulating effect of the portal

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the composition not his creation. This abeyance of the feeling

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in his Pyretologia. This is the pathognomonic symptom of confluent

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thoracic cavity. Frequently in fact generally in these cases the

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proteins forms a much better protein mixture than does casein

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occupation have been our main psychotherapeutic weapons. We

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taxis and delirium are followed by a well marked remission and much

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in the right paraovarian area. The fallopian tubes and

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languages is used for the science of disease generally.

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some cases is only temporary the ulcer breaking down again

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and hysterical woman consulted me. She gave a good family

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oumstanoes of the contagious fevers and the possession by any disease of

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In this short discourse which may be criticised as being rather

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result of years of careful experiment and patient investigation.

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the oldest inhabitants as to occurrences and places of bygone

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mally it is the food which causes activity immediately upon

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do not remain upon the free surface of the urethral mucous

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They quote Dr. Andrew S. Draper Commissioner of Education for the State

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Etiology. The predisposing causes are very prominent in the etiology

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I bad the opportunity during the past summer of seeing

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in place. Noting the difficulty of turning one s hat

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service to each sow the dates at which the pigs should

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from articular rheumatism leukaemia and typhoid fever.

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gauge the condition and progress of the patient solely by the

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torpid state accompanied with great inclination to sleep but she is

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his education as broadly as possible and carry as much information as

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imaginable. I found the patient at the brink of death and reproached

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one to three days. At the beginning of an outbreak it

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who had recourse to intrauterine Injections but principally with the

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evidence of cancer was to be found. The case had been sub

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prodnpa imtatiafi and laflamination of the oataRna bind and

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