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becomes j)a!e and anxious, or livid. During the exacerbations caused by
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blood may continue to be expectorated for several days, or the expectoration
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convalescence, and in some cases causes death. Occasionally it is met with
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of the pyaemic bacteria, but it has never been shown that pyaemia can be
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the affected area, adjusting vertebrae, ribs, clavicles, relaxing contracted
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great, the clavicle being held in relation with the scapula by means of
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exposure. The more numerous the typhus fever patients are, the more power-
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sitism, as many of those opposed to it thought. The microbes generate
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in club-shaped extremities. The longitudinal striations may appear
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antimony has any power either to arrest the progress of the inflammatory
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Creolin is an active antiseptic and is prepared from coal-tar. It has
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nourished the child, the more anti-hygienic the air, surroundings and food,
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of urea into carbonate of ammonia and water, which decomposition was
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wild look, are bright, staring, and constantly moving ; the brows are con-
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injury and crepitus. There is often considerable deformity. Union
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Cheap edition in paper, price Is., by post. Is. Id,
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Cancer of the pancreas cannot be distinguished from that of the duo-
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which is so tormenting may be relieved by allowing the patient to drink as
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glands, and a vertical section of a patch in this stage shows the villi in-
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should be taken not to clip too much of the frenum, or to cut the ranine
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lost, but a rectal or vaginal exploration will generally at once remove all
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Palpation. — There is usually marked increase in the vocal fremitus over
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will be abnormally increased. But this increase is always slight, except in
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a time may elapse before the virus loses its vitality is not known. There
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have v/hat is called a " costive habit " collections of pills which have been
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that a " desquamative pneumonic process " iiccompanies this peculiar form of tuberculosis of the lung-.
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panying epithelial change in the kidney, or an exacerbation in the progress
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It is well determined that inflammatory processes decrease the power
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The bone is usually displaced inward, and because of pressure upon the
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white, fibrous nodules. The remaining portion of the kidney will be nor-
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the aneurysm. It is perhaps valuable for traumatic aneurysms, bui is
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The peculiar color is due to pigmentation of the liver-tissue, and varies
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it comes in contact, indicates that there are nasal and pharyngeal changes
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lent suture material. It was formerly believed that silk could not be
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organs most prone to be affected are the lungs. Next in frequency are
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but are followed (when situated on the genitalia) by inguinal adenitis
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may be given to a very young infant, and the quantity may be increased
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along the course of the vein at the location of the valves. After some
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that it is due to the fibroid degeneration of the alveolar septa. No one of
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flamed joint, and obtained a complete cure within a month. The lady
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whole tongue, which is then larger than normal, vmevenly lobulated, and
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it may be mistaken for meningitis. Meningitis comes on insidiously, the
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small quantities of food should be taken at a time, so that the gastric
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which is the seat of the dilatation. If the dilatation is confined to the
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orrhage will take place into the pharynx. Certain of the cranial nerves
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