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              ~~ Ben Franklin

vention or by the Connecticut Medical Society shall

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animals in his ingenious treatife on generation. Hiftoire Nat

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steadies it. while the nght is slid downwards for a

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forceps through the anterior nares. On grasping the tumour and

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tained the replies he suggested and ultimately I found

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Luke the Physician the Author of the Third Gospel and

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cation of these organisms within the tissues of the body.

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translation from the second Swedish edition and from the author s enlarged and

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operation that is in the first days after the operation.

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We are interested in noting under the head of sutures the statement

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even deemed healthy to have these trees in the vicinity

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organism only the vitreous body and the lymph tissue are found as

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goats sheep and cats in hens and pigeons and in certain cold blooded

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tension thus exerting such a pressure upon the transverse processes of

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of influenza they are usually slight though present in typhoid fever.

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possessed in society and the general satisfaction given by

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although we need hardly demand as in Naples or Vienna that they

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into two classes those connected with the condition gastro intestinal or

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the state of the circulation in febrile conditions it is

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capillaries in the circulation of unaerated blood or in cholera.

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vicious habits of life. Repeated attacks of delirium

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thoroughly cleanse the wound by washing with soap and water

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that contrary to my expectations starch is but very

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I must now show how the instrament is used in the diagnosis of

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equally applicable to the conditions in this country. The

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but by factory wastes containing as they often do poison

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In which the Elements of that Science are familiarly

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