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              ~~ Ben Franklin

Tropical Disease in the press which will shortly be published
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(Prince of Wales's) Volunteer Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment.
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another column, that the proprietors of the Electrical Review
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due to chloroform. They also expressed themselves satisfied
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of the south of Europe, persimmons of Japan, guavas, locusts,
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elephantiasis, by Dr. Thomson (Hankow, China), illustrated
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woke up with the perspira'ion pouring down his face, and cried out.
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Public Health Department.— We shall be much obliged to Medical
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Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, August 1st, 2nd, 3id, and
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.sth Bengal Infantry, for one year; Surgeon-Major D. Eh^um, Madras
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cerebral functional palsy are sensory centres of kinesthetic
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in this direction is in the minds of the Library Committee and the chief
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the average." We hope the next annual report may testify to
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Clare College; J. S. Barnes. B.A., Pembroke College; G. W. H,
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which had survived the peritoneal injection of non-fatal doses
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for a weeljly payment, and thus tlie total of beds vacant
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of our present arrangements, and would render it absolutely
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capable of being produced by the active agent which
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Ac^cn'^!if'!ffT-J' ^'?.'*? "? *-'^« Treatment ot Uterine Prolapse with an
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quite frequently, both as a noun and verb, 'heal' and 'healer.' The
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fits was a fortnight, and the greatest number of fits in any one
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mentum. Ipse laude nostra maior, laudes tamen suas (qua
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in those about the period of puberty and onwards acute re-
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special subject for discussion is the Traumatic Neuroses,
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small-pox amongst the staff at the Leicester Fever Hospital ?
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action for alleged negligent non-diagnosis of scarlet fever was accepted.
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tilious in this matter. Swearing with uplifted hand is perfectly legal,
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has a strong case, for in 1888 Messrs. Cubitt, Nichols, and
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affections due to the same contagion, assuming different de-
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prejudicial to the interest or derogatory to the honour of the
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(3) Opium smoking in China has nothing to do with the
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fall at ages above 45 was even greater than in early child-
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large masses of primitive protoplasm which are obtainable
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abscess, for such it proved, opened and discharged through a
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call forth action. To speak openly, science has since then
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to-mouth inflation distinctly improved the . colour of the
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an albumose, and corresponds to what Miescher termed basic
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Bernstein, London ; Mr. A. W. Blyth. London ; Mr. W. Bott. London ;
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enlarges the hypertrophy may be (1) extravesical, or (2) intra-
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carry these quotations further, since they are quite, in the

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