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              ~~ Ben Franklin

ously ill list and the more seriously ill. It is necessary

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Salol and paraffin should be given regularly in order to

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ress and the patient becomes more exhausted fainting

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embarrassment of speech. The pain in the neck grew much worse the

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twisted. In one case he had seen the greater part of the posterior

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fastening in a catheter. It is surprising often to see

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which bacteriological investigations and the study of

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the most sensible parts of the body as in the fingers where the

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Whereas The use of zip codes to define regions has pro

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high the individual is not so dependent upon his red blood corpuscles for

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gether by coagulable lymph and these gentlemen were pleased

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mvestigations that the colon bacillus can produce gas only from carbohy

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the office with the agility characteristic of a young man. His

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pression of pulling on an iron ring. I have never known

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clusions can rightfully be drawn from the failure by the dextrose

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arteries although the condition of the coronary arteries was not

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exacerbation. The hands and feet often become covered with masses ot

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have been given so that the professors and their assistants though as

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some of our confreres of the English medical press

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tients as soon as acute hospital care is no longer need

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a selective instinct. In regard to the continuance of the recur

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Fie. The elements at rest . The three hydrostat plates in

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the Lanphear operation gives the best prospect for reco

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and is obtained with the Ilizarov apparatus. The rate and

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ural for clonic natural uterine contractions. He was

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