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              ~~ Ben Franklin

which the costal margins moved during phrenic contraction.

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indicating its danger, the writer reports 3 instances in the

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sents to the physician are more compucated and diffi-

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probably on account of the colour. — But unluckily for your credit and

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are longest to recover from paralysis after an ordinary attack of hemi-

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If life be prolonged in cases of hemiplegia, subsequent attacks may be

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expectant and conservative treatment is even more indicated in gun.shot

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sponsibility must be equally divided between the med-

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vomiting. The fatty stools persist even when fat has

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In 1866 he was in Vienna doing post-graduate work when

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contagion — The Comma Bacillus — Prognosis — Treatment . 280 — 301

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and chest, and rapidly spreads over the entire body. It dis-

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during all that time, and she had comparatively few of the

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Mr. C. T. Dent, surgeon to St. George's Hospital, London, Eng-

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screw-head G, By turning this screw head the carbon

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ease. The affection, however, was clearly defined, as regards its distinc-

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sions, particularly upon the thighs and legs, caused by

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may resemble those of syphilis, but the general appearance

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Gaz. hebdomadaire, 1888, p. 149.— 56. Idcjii. Bulletin med. 1888, Xo. 16, p. 247.

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acute rheumatism (with or without endocarditis), spinal myelitis, or peri-

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