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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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<litrers sliirhtly from that just deseril.ed in that a l.iiM.lo of air is

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tir. If aiivthinir oi'eiiis theict'me to oeeasimi a [lassaire of the saline eon

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the fact that the osmotic i)rcssure is only ap|)i'oxiniatcly i>roi)()fti<inill

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chronic urethritis at the meatus or in the urine, shows the very great im-

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an exogenous nature, the result of some bacterial infection. The sup-

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bronze, and brass may cause poisoning in copper sheet scrapers, bell metal

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in a vicarious thyroid, although admitting the sternal tiunor may not have

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\,-iiil:i'.T III lie iilil,. til iiii-n-iiic >uc-li cIkiiiiic's i|ii;in1 iliit i\ cI y. Tliis lia-

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bcinjr further attc.cked by bai-tcria so tis to become converted into cii

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of the hepatic plexus with stimuli which are sutlicient to iirodilcc iiiarked

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of many cases of thyroiditis in acute infections it seems likely that not a few

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■>. .-lij:. .\I. (i.. anil .Iosr|.|i. I). I;.: .I.,nr. I.ali. an.l Clin. M..I,, lim;. i, ■Js,',; ;,]*.. s.m-

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Till' It'll i-rlU prniliii'iil ri>llii\'. iiiir Ih'Iihii': iiiiLTi' ami in siiii|ili' iiiiriiii

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compression by dilatation of the vessels. This would explain the temporary

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or whether the local asphyxia and trophic changes may be regarded as

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a limited part of the spine. Careful inquiry will often bring out this point.

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jsj; fiiir'.;,! coniitini,- wiiicii Anv.i ti„. i!i iii.,u, L'-::.

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'''''■'"•■• ••""•• i'i>-l<'fi«l of iMMim |,.ss pi-, t.. tlu- vory .liscasfs xvlii.-h ml

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ilcliiltr. I*l'iiliiilil\ liiilll laitiils nil' iii\ nlvi'd, as i-> sliown l'\ IIk' fnl|ii\

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llicM' .-111' till' i-iiiiiiitiiiiis iilil;iiniii'_' iit the licuiiiniii^ of tlu' liir'_'(' .'iitciir ■

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believes, are to be regarded as the anlage of the lymph glands and are to be

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character of the infection. In the early stages, especially in the medulla and

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of the early misconceptions of the etiological factors that progress in its

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4.ll."i and 77 per cent, and the ^lolmliiis lietweiui I and "2.54 per cent. In

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kidney is usually larger than normal, and is often soft, while if the process

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are common. The x-ray plates show atrophy of the bones, quite different

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111 he placed in each nl' them Imt kciil iiimiixed iiiitil tl

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