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vance in medical practice along two great lines. That

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mens of fresh tissue are examined under high magnification it is

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phatic glands in the femoral and inguinal regions and they

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I shall have your approval Sir and that of everyone present

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dissection after death and were it not possible to observe

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operations of last year have shown no marked tendency to lessen the

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eye. A private case of Dr. Webster s forgot to replace it on

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the rectum is primarily affected while the entire colon is scarcely

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catarrhal obstruction of Wirsung s canal was also present.

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Post Offiee Onlers should be made pavable to the British Medical Association

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principle of this is that such a quantity of urinary sediment will always

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such troubles. In retention of urine you will always suspect some

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subcutaneous punctures the tenotome being introduced wherever

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over driving immediately prior to the act of parturition wounds

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fact that fish can resist a high temperature better if the latter

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slightly if at all influenced by remedies until the exan

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engorgement of the sinuses as well as of the lungs.

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red or yellow varieties of the genus humanum can be

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cians. As the cause of the Middletown epidemic has been