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lobe is destroyed. The primary cortical area for sight has two divisions

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sensation are still grouped together in tracts which are distinct from

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of the year is solely dedicated to group discussion.

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herpes. He could find no other cause but a long and adherent

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and more particularly in cities it is being more frequently developed

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paralyses coma and death. The location of the lesion causes consider

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From this same publication it appears that there is

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What nerve supplies the following named muscles of the hind limb

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Influenza is responsible for many cases of se tic peritonitis

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The interesting point is that tlie gall bladder was full of calcuh.

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Etiology. Varicella is a disease of infancy and childhood.

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color of the flower has much to do with the therapeutic proper

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has never occupied a very large share of my attention or love.

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IDICATIONS AND USAGE. Hypertension INDERAL LA is indicated in the manage

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L lison of Paris in G Dr. Clarke states that he has

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their chemical products and hence cannot be relied upon exclusively.

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extreme agony it is not because the pustules strike in they

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albuminuria which do not belong to any of the types

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him in the coupe and really feared he would collapse on the way.

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effect of treatment The extent and intensity of the tuberculous proc

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seems to be some increase of the excitability of the

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so impaired that the remaining connecting tissues may fail to resist

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and required that these should be arranged with due regard to the

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