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by cauterization with caustic lime or caustic potash the application of the
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developed cases of paresis to see twitching confined to one leg or
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wine spices salt meat and all indigestible aliments. These
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tivity. In true degenerative atrophy the so called reaction of degeneration
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the first and most important lessons in the practice of hygiene.
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able to find in it answers to questions that cropped up in
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any improvement continues. Since this may have to be continued for
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though bathed in the fiercest sunlight. No words can
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but which can be solidified by various means artificially.
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man of my acquaintance in his horror of tannin was in
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Mechanical appliances for supporting the hand have been devised
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is capable of explaining the manifestations and the
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by its smoke and through the lungs just as certainly as through
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determinations being collected before the animals were turned out in the
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ate a heavy lunch and was very uncomfortable during the after
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at all times necessary during an epidemic. Now in a city
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or renal cells but often crystals of uric acid or oxalates.
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gifted with the power of secreting a green pigment. It is however not
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well. Six rabbits were inoculated with the same virus three of
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The flying hairs from horses carrying minute quantities of protein
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finger nails frequent bathing and the use of respirators when necessary
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thought and deportment. One cause and a purely physical one is
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generalizations I wish to ask the following questions which are
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Morbid Anatomy. It is remarkable that previous to the report of
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eleven years later stated to be identical with caffeine by Jobst and
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to the class of mucous membranes and it is lined internally by
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College of Philadelphia Physician to the Medico Chirurgical
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the sick and their absolute dependence on the phvsician goes
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Dr. Oliver remarked that the source of the watery discharges from the
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not present any true resemblance to those which are found in the
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can be used in comparing the climate of one place with
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returned but on the seventh day drowsiness appeared