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The distended bladder may be mistaken for ascites but there is usually a

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that these were symptoms of an oppression of the system by inflam

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of the tissues without causing any untoward symptoms forming an

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physiological saline solution to promote absorption of the liquid

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of division between the original bone surface and the new deposit is

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In the first ten of these extensive clinical studies had been made and

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duction of temperature perceptible but a distinct reduc

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Before any cases were reported in Ontario the Board had

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ploy blood letting we do not treat the rheumatism we are only

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An instrument which like this one can be carried in the

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the disease is of a lingering character symptoms of great pro

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The duration of the symptoms in the cases studied ranged from

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required to carry the patient over the point at which

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gone. The larger the dose the earlier the disease may begin.

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viscera were drawn upon. The pain was not so severe

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air struggling through the viscid mucus accumulations in the bronchi

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bladder the ureters enlarged and dilated and the kidney s in

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appointment as Consulting Surgeon to tlie i orces in Ireland.

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poused the doctrine and belief of its importation and

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explanation lies rather in the fact that the sympathetic nervous

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pends upon the cause and all therapeutics must be directed towards

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germ which is pathogenic for so many Mpcciea of animals as ia the

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we may demonstrate blood by producing the crystals

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on admission. No organic disease of the heart supervened while under treat

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to the extent of the structural alterations brought about by ma

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The meeting was called to order by the President John L.

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silver thoroughly cauterised but the erysipelas paid no attention to it.

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There were no special changes and the cultures remained sterile.