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Unless one of the members has a definite knowledge of a man s
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Mrs. T. This patient was admitted to the Montreal General Hospital
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The ear was directed to be kept thoroughly cleansed
in the above Quotation respecting your qualifications.
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tible. There was marked turgescence of the cervical
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almost if not quite a total exemption from the disease
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they may develop at any age and some are congenital.
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Watts Charles D. Consultant Lincoln Community Health Center SIO
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of peptone solutions containing glucose. One never obtains a
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and told at the same time that his life would not probably be
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On tbe proper mode of treating the insane. Lancet Lond.
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increased temperature of animals in a febrile condition and do
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the employment of usual means adapted to specific disease. The pains may
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native the sterilizing procedure referred to above.
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