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ptoms are altogether absent. Looked at from this view Surgeon

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The.se experiments also furnish an answer tti the juestion

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organic changes in the vessels of the brain or to bring

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of dark light and a voice and force that can be depended

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woek or ten days afterwards. In the case described although

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the quantity of the pancreatic juice after each meal depend

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ment with granular degeneration of the renal epithelium and fatty infiltration

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sium deficiency. In dogs. Seller and colleagues found that

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a practitioner of Ottawa cease to be a practitioner in Hull Because

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clinical situation and the judgment and experience of the treating

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normal standard is the severity and activity of disease.

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son living in the parish but he could require fees and

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the New York Times had with a trainer of dogs for theatrical

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would certainly sink to a very low point Our experience with it

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a background for the slides is that under certain conditions of

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speaker never found digitalis produce any but good re

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developement of chronic bronchitis or of phthsis in persons

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commences in th lt extremities and the inferior lt xtremity is always involved

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juncts to the management of the disorder careful hygiene must be en

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thickened and appear as though surrounded bj a connective tissue

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In tuberculosis of lungs or other tissues and absence of eosin

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Localized titbereuloBig of the lung and acute miliary tuberculosis are

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institution of which I have knowledge which is subject to

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region and is characterized by the disappearance of the

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sprains and inflamed extremities for pelvic and abdom

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tuberculosis may occasionally be employed but in the present state of our

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In forty nine districts the mortality of men was below or

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