dozen slight convulsive attacks limited to the face and neck.
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thesis. I have detailed this case before and shall not dwell on it
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mitotic figures in the tubular epithelium were found side by side.
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nection with clear evidence of valvular heart disease. Sansom has
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over the patient herself while she had in former years always
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ever the cause it may be connected with the hemorrhagic tendency.
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This is not a new but it is a most important physiological
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quently a prey to its torture. Hence not unfrequently we
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treated and moved to clean ground. Tainted land should be heavily
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bilitating fevers and diseases or from starvation. The pulse is rapid
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one of the patients was a nurse in a general medical ward.
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also produces similar results. These experiments permit the conclusion
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stained body resembling an artistic dolphin occurred from time to
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When the vagina is invaded by the pus and debris we
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ily and fulfill their responsibilities with greater personal
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sis. Those who attempt to clean herds without keeping this fact
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other preventive measures arrested the spread of the contagion. Subseauently. in Febru
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This case I suppose would come under Dr. Denman s se
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that life could be maintained if large quantities of para
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