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I rofessor Hargrave observed that the point referred to Ky Mr. Stokes was

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Dr. Alder Smith of Christ s Hospital he prescribes it in all cases

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keystone of the arch of the knowledge of intra abdominal diseases

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in the crystalline lens. Possibly it is an erratic liver fluke. Agamodis

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thus tends to cause a diseased texture in which vital

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Post of October th reports the proceedings at a coroner s

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The presence of urobilin in the stools after closure of the common

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the veins and so they cannot contract and send their blood upward

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ment ordered at the time of the appointment of the second Commis

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cence. Eleven months after the operation the patient weighed

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the consideration of the Society upon the same subject.

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into fine pieces drying by means of a water bath and

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Free perspiration especially at the beginning often moderates and

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Tlie contributions of Professor Ehrlich and his pupils to the study

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cient calomel is particularly to be recommended as its effects

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By Mr. Barnard Holt Senior Surgeon to the Westminster

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vividly than those in early days of the Pathological

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parative antiseptic values of chlorides nitrates sulphates

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