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Treatment. — The treatment of trigeminal neuralgia rests entirely upon

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formation of it into a firm connective tissue. But the adventitia also under-

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the preparation of a dissertation acceptable to the Department of Pathology, and con-

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3. If the examination is successful, the thesis is printed at the expense of

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found to have been most diligent in the wards, and shall pass the best

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iomirae, £7 78.; perpetual, £9 9s.; for the half course, £4* 4a.; for the

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meshes of the neuroglia extend and swell, so that the space formed by the

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logy, including Ophthalmology ; Midwifery and GynsBcology ; Forensic

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larger part of the vasomotor nerves collect, at any rate, in the principal trunks

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Week 7. Day 32 ; These 2 hours of performance provide a laboratory project for

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of " Dental Fraotiti'oner," or any name, title, addition, or description implying

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of cure is very slight, and little can be done in the way of benefit in the

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periphery. The temperature speedily rises to 102° F. (39° C.) or more. With

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The question of the curability of diabetes is difficult to answer. A number

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may be quite smooth. In other cases the brain may be unusually large (mac-

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localized anaesthesia of the skin and peripheral palsies. These are probably

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mination at last arises from some intercurrent disease, or as a result of

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persist, and in many cases even be increased, corresponding to the decline in

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diseases of these organs will be exhibited and explained to the class,

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we have repeatedly had opportunity to see that the administration of fresh

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from the start the entire distribution of the facial, gradually producing a

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healthy and diseased condition, -with instruction in its prex>aration.

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has completed his twenty-first year [or that he will have done

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Division of 8tfudies, — Fowr Yewrs^ Cowrsei First yecur — ^Anatomy,

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utensils. The spores are highly reslstanLfto heat, and pasteurization tempera^tures do

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From the variety of exciting causes, it is evident that in cerebral abscess

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oerfcain proportion is retained by the College), and retained as aforesaid,

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vertebrae in paralysis of the arm, and the lower dorsal in paralysis of the leg —

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the same value, awarded for Principles and Practice of Medicine and

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oraer tnat >ou arc dealing feitn ^5 tht^ m>^^H factor.

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the authors ; and Morgagni, Sydenham, or Boerhaave may be taken for

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The assumption is very frequently made that the condition is the result of an

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On the other hand, the combination of persistent diabetes mellitus and hej)atic

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that tabes was due only to certain chemical poisons (toxins), which develop

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Detailed description of the character of these courses is given in a special bulletin

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to tears. More marked mental disturbances (confusion, hallucinations) are

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passed this examination each candidate receives a diploma of Doctor of

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viously shown definite signs of rickets. There is little, if any, fever, but an

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