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              ~~ Ben Franklin

the results of experiments upon guinea-pigs as applying
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size of the catheter varies with the build of the patient. In all
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repeated ; and one may then suppose that a quotidian and a tertian are com-
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voautumnal or tropical infection), there is graduallj^ effected a modi-
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per cent. In those cases in which the individual apparently is over-
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ing the first thing (fasting,) until amelioration or cnange; or for ten
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of the tl"rd day. These were certainly not the white cor-
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The nervous form of diabetes results from emotional
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excision and cauterization of the wound some time after it has been
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catarrh had almost disappeared. During his treatment the
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about the epigastrium and hypochondria, and often without any pre-
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Anders, McG., Gastonia, Med. Coll. of Va., 1901 1902 1902
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5 It is the bright day that brings forth the adder,
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of the patients who have died under his care, have had it either as nri-
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sutured the cut parts. Nine cases had been thus oper-
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Thus the Vertebrata, included all those animals found to possess
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realized in its full significance by one's individual expe-
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nient. With an Analysis of One Thousand cases to exemplify its duration. In one neat
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1. Sublingual NTG may be taken as required to abort acute anginal
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use of Bayes rule; and interpretation of analytic results. More advanced
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was found to be flowing from a fistulous opening in the upper
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be remembered that in retroversion the round ligaments
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Let us enter upon the new year with a firm determination to fulfill
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£iSfr*--i-*- <£ -Z*-6i? /i~~ 4??^S7 tf r^s/ 2^* Jul i^^-
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the OS dilated barely sufficient to admit the index finger.
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able to nurse their children. Dr. Binders has shown that
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increased movement over the upper lobe. The increased compensatory
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of 20 minutes is allowed to elapse, and on this occasion the tourniquet
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that it soon becomes prostrated, and dies in frightful convul-
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or Flemish. Holsteins, they say, do tatter in the open camp than
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accumulation of menstrual fluid, as was proved when I punctured the
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sive; hence, the modern method is usually spoken of as
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seems to depend upon the dose employed ; two to five grammes
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Secretary/Treasurer — Robert Tanner, M.D., Jefferson City
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varicella not infrequently prevails when there are no cases of smallpox.
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in convulsions, with or without subsequent transient paralysis ;
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extremely large proportion of cases, the diSiculty will present-
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and three thousand cases of confinement, consequently
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attacked 1,568 adults and 7,474 children; of these, 165 adults and
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degree of displacement, or special details of after

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