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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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itself would cause dangerous rise of arterial pressure. Lastly

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tain ptomaines to the tests for strychnine has been pointed out by

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his attitude must command the respectful attention of those

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panied by dorsal tenderness in ten the whole spine was affected

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Microscope. An instrument for magnifying minute objects.

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quoted by Dr. Hyde from the Elgin Stat Hospital. The patient a

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pectoralis minor and the clavicle in this space of Mohrenheim

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even for the removal of exudate. The wasteful painful drain

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tion in which he said the necessity of evacuating pus

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And seemed to be a whispering their titles to the view

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cases Dr. de Ranse thinks could not have been affected by

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stones. Most of the patients operated upon for cholelithiasis

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empyema caused by Pasteurella multocida. Am J Clin Path

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has increased my confidence in its substantial correctness. When

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Hall s oneration mav alsi he lei ommemied for intractable eases

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A rob of black Currant jam is taken in Scotland with

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nation of the entire body proved negative a vaginal ex

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and careful work amongst the out patients he aided in the rapid

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fly may carry and insert the poison or it may be in

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referring to the use of somewhat similar remedies in times past.spoke

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the medical and other professions and callings must

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Microscopic examination of Case V. shows exactly the same state of things

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Eheumatism is announced and is likewise throughout accompa

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Prof. Salisbury of Cleveland Ohio who published his

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stables for a number of years constantly increasing until fi

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for many years in the Gongo now Zaire and in British

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upon it the best features of the German Ph. first edi

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as being more likely to be complaisant to their acts

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County Medical Society will admit female physicians.

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that this form of atrophy is always regenerated previous

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it is l.icitected gt the e elids. e elaslies and tile haw

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about a tall stout man always healthy and he can remem

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which soon spread all over the body became copper coloured

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one avf ids even the slightest reactive disturbance the more surely

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