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larynx, and embarrassed breathing. There is also much huskiness of
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with an ordinary fine saw ; the tumour being removed, the
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• R. V. Russen, 1 East P. C, 438; R. v. Allen, 9 C. & P., 31; R. v. Jordan,
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— "Quantity of Antitoxin Needed," etc., "Arch. Ped.," 1900, xvii, 823.
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rion, there would be little hesitation in regarding it as being of
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dinary double boiler makes an efficient sterilizer, as I have
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sponge-pressure, even the sharp welling-up that occurs when
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one that is hard for the inexperienced to recognize. The disease
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in their hurs by an avalange, and after remaining under the snow
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Olefiaxt Gas, Biearburetted Hydrogen, Ethylene, Ethene (C JI ,
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unquestionably true ; but if it is to be understood that the sick cannot be
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ment, call in the teamwork of the internist, unless we
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X.I. to which are added a hemina of oil, and another of vinegar.
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apprentices, the one aged eight, and the other six-
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ternal organ upon which the gouty disorder has settled.
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embedded in masses of tissue and clearly atrophied.
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and subsequent delivery by forceps is not cept in the hospital ; from want of constant
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there was great nervous weakness, and she soon became unable
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Two congenital deformities Phila M.J 1898, li, 747.—
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that would insure universal success. One has lately been
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eruption of the teeth, as well as the calcification of bone. In some of the
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panied by great tenesmus, tympanites, and colic. There are
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-stage than during collapse. Whenever they occur, they may
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looking; his liver has somew^hat diminished in size and his spleen
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minished in severity, and in the fifth case there waa
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hydria. Avoiding the consideration of the well-known points
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the paroxysms of pain. In their use avoid the face; a
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A Father. — ^We cannot undertake to recommend Medical men. Consult
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symptoms, together with the results obtained by percussion and ausculta-
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The local headquarters will be at the Hotel Hollenden,
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then it is evident that we must consider chronic sinu-
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of the rest the result, for various reasons, has been doubtful, while
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and place the bottle on ice. Use clean cotton to plug the bottle.
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take the stand in this matter [the increase in requirements for
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can be no routine treatment of these conditions ; each
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