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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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cover the existence of the substances in these cases
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effectual attempts for four or five weeks to control the spasms
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cervix, because of its length, rigidity, or region was noticed, but no swelling or
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it may be watery or dry, of a pale blue, or its white turned
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tension of influenza, there has been no want of conjecture and specu-
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small-pox. This is the more remarkable, inasmuch as small-
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t"De I'assooiation do l;i .scarlatine uvi'c la diplitliLTite," par M. I. Chabade, La
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cases are met Avith in diseases having a specific cause universally acknowledged
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relaxation follows close after contraction. It is supposed that the con-
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On the Mode of Action and the Use of Belladonna in the Treatment of
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then, the spring may either be passed over the shoulder, or round
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pensia are promoted. It is not difficult to understand why chronic
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(b) Minute embolisms. Nothnagel (53) has called attention to cases of
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the sun-god, Ra, and the titular goddess of Sais, has
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Feaser, Surgeon Thomas, M.D., 10th Hussars, to be Surgeon-
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case, that the progress of the disease would be ar-
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Misturas Camphoras, aa ^iij. Misce. Sumat ^j ter die
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evident that no other remedy was of avail, tapping was performed with relief
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2»S7o» or a^t fifteen per cent., and say 3,855 cases ? We
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If we follow our plain duty, I believe that our results
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and in meeting a case of insanity the unaccustomed, prac-
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are introduced into a work of this character. It may also be statfid that
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important princijDles — an iodoglobulin and iodothyrin — and that
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a nascent condition. It therefore has a very strong oxidizing action
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confinement in-doors, especially to dark and damp habitations, should
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owing to the hard and tense rectus muscle. The liver is sometimes
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muscle, where, in addition to great increase of bulk in individual cells,
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ing off its claims on me by self-destruction. (End of 1848.)
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