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              ~~ Ben Franklin

only needed rest in bed, a milk diet, and external warmth. He

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Add the contents of one egg and shake well together.

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attention to the cornea in all difficult deliveries, especially high

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lary muscle, and, on the right side, the muscular trabecule.

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by making repeated examinations, by noting that they are not in-

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Here tlien is pain before the establi.shment of local tender-

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sanity, until a slight salivation was produced, and in a few in-

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for the removal of the inflammatory diathesis, we must

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talk, and sleep well, and can sit long at table. The

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of course, well known, but it will be very interesting to

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least apparent effect. The reconsideration of the symptoms having more

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days afterwards with success, and the child escaped. In another instance a

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usual, and while hanging in the air said, in answer to questions,

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were initiated, and in introducing to him the various "'menders

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not evolve chlorine from hydrochloric acid, > states. — Med. Tines and Gaz., April 61

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about with delight. Poisoning with large doses (gr.| of

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becoming insoluble by heat and exposure to the atmosphere, is

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itals or umbilical cord, in purpura, in marasmus, in the

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paraplegic c einiplegie spinale." (Jamuset atid Albiui, " Manuale

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the autopsy a sarcomatous tumour was found on each side at the back of

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sharply from time to time. Contrary to the usual opinion, a river con-

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rhagic cystitis. No. 1364, a very protracted case, in which

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the cord could be examined at an early period of the

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imperfectly, however, and with slowness and apparent difficulty.

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mercury is given internally, so as to aff'ect the mouth, but without any

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is obliged when subpoenaed as a witness of fact to ex-

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ticing physicians of Wisconsin. The editorial board

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This question has arisen in the minds of almost all practi-

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taint in this c;se. Th^ point which interested me was

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