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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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ing tissue, is certainly at this age of the world entirely
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No official information has yet been received from our Charged*
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Life-History. — The adult worm lives in man, and the embryophore, escapmg
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demic in New England, mainly in Maine, which lasted at least until the
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pays the professors' fees to that extent. You will have no professors' fee
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gain of only 5.5 cm. instead of at least 1 1 cm., as normal. The circumference
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in Chicago, when Chicago was a town of little more than five or
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interfered with, and that such disturbances of position and cir-
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Yet in the latter injury immediate operation was very
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only very few of even the more elaborate hand-books of surgery. At-
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*The esoteric sense of the initiates will perceive at once that this is not sh4
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Only 2 therapeutic clinical cures are recorded, 1 by Hutchinson
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have attracted attention as an epidemic. A small but very definite
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teen, and are found between the ages of two and fifty, though they
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exist if the source of the sound were the same, for
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the soil non-fertile for the development of the diphtheria bacillus; in
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Part V, Displacements of the Uterus and other Pelvic Organs. Mas-
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of the apex-beat. The " shock " may often be a transient portion of the
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which he considered needed a Httle further elucidation — i.e.,
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isms, as possible, consistent with existing environment
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have been transmuted into muscle, and fat, and bone, and nerve,
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slightly improved, but not satisfactory ; 24 were improved in
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A dog, whose muzzle is held down near the floor of the grotto for a
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litei'ature, however, " stammering " (Stammeln) is never employed in the
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tation. It was the very best kind of teaching. I have
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tium ; inflammation of the cleft of the hoof ; eczema of the back
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the appointment ; so the whole Medical Board, consisting
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and in 1880 published the histories of the cases which occurred in
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cases, revolutionary as it seems, carries reasonable-
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infected lice in this way have suffered subsequently from febrile
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to bones already dead produced no change in these, and that the openings
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It can be inoculated into the ordinary laboratory animals. Its
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instances and noted on the request for pathologic evaluation.
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Astragalus moUissimus must be considered as a failure.
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lagogue action of the remedy, together with the diminished mu-
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may be given ; and opium is of paramount value. It requires, however,
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tions) by Letzerich, Wood, and Formad * to be causative of diphtheria ;
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to be confident. We have seen them so offensive as to taint the
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to have the items of all such inquiries noted down with
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mation of the lungs and fever be present, bleed before giving
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ber of parasites in his circulation. In other cases the
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fifty-six medical schools vary a good deal. Their suf-
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like croupous membrane. The wound and the internal surface of the apparatus are cleaned
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discovery of malarial parasites, Dr. Lind questioned sail-

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